Spectacular clarity!




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Spectacles are one of the best inventions of mankind. The ability to correct a faulty vision has given so many people an opportunity to witness the beauty of this world. From being a sign of a nerd to a style statement, eye glasses have evolved a long way. For someone who has been using spectacles since the age of 11, there is a special bond with those two glass lenses held together by a frame. Do you feel a similar bond with your spectacles? I will never forget the day I was asked to start using glasses. Like a lot of school kids it started with headaches and an inability to read what was written on the black board. Alphabets and numbers appeared fuzzy and blurred (Clearly eating carrots and coriander for 10 years had not been useful enough!!). Then as soon as the doctor slid various glasses in the holder for me to try, my vision cleared up! I could see things that were far off with clarity. With focus. I could read comfortably! My spectacles introduced me to the meaning of the word ‘clarity’ in its entirety! My first pair of specs was a hideous brown frame that had stripes all over it…. Something that seems so cool when you are 11; and absolutely disgusting by the time you turn 16!! And from then on, its been half rimmed, full rimmed, rimless, square cut, round, plastic, metal all kinds of frames and all kinds of glasses in my life. All pairs of specs have their own charm, but are united by one purpose- of presenting the world with clarity. Its grown to become a part of me. A few attempts to use the cumbersome contact lenses were futile. My eyes kept rejecting them. My mind had rejected them long before my eyes tried them 😛

Over the years, I believe my glasses have shown me the world with the maximum clarity that they could, be it people, or visible things in the world or structures inside living cells. Sometimes it has also shown me apparently hidden tears, sometimes cheeky smiles, sometimes happiness, sometimes deception, sometimes selflessness and so many other things!! And through this contribution, my glasses have become a part of my thinking process, my perception process, my imagination process. And so, when someone says put on your thinking caps, I put on my specs and get to work 🙂

I don’t know if they have a World Spectacles Day or something. But for all of you with specs, take a moment to thank this everyday tool that lets you see the world with clarity (and hey, unlike most everyday tools these days, it doesn’t even need a charger 😛 ). And for those of you who don’t use spectacles, you too should thank them. Cos I am sure at least some people important to you among your friends or family or better/worse halves have noticed you with clarity only because of a pair of spectacles 🙂

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