My favourite things – Day 7: The beauty of eyes!


And I am down to the last of my list of favourite things from this compilation. This one is again a concept as well as a thing, more of a concept. And is probably the most favourite concept based observation for me. This one is looking at eyes and appreciating the beauty of what they are conveying!

Look into my eyes, you ll see

What you mean to me…..

Said Bryan Adams so many years ago. This is one example of one song which discusses the role of eyes as something that is a straight gateway to what the mind is thinking. The eyes as mirrors of the soul have been an inspiration for many poets and writers for very long. And of course for mere observers like yours truly as well 🙂

A little baby’s eyes full of innocence

A child’s eyes lit with curiosity and amusement

A teenager’s eyes shouting out admiration for role models

A parent’s eyes full of pride and content at their kid’s achievement

A lover’s eyes with overflowing passion

A friend’s eyes while playing a prank on his best friend

Anyone looking at their dreams being fulfilled

An elderly’s grateful eyes as a young girl helps her cross the street……..

And so many more examples! The spectrum of emotions that eyes convey is exactly as wide as that of emotions that exist in the human mind.

Aren’t these some of the most beautiful things you have seen ever? They are, undoubtedly, for me! There is something so peculiarly wonderful about a person’s eyes conveying just exactly what is on their mind, with all the precision and detail. For today, I will confine myself to discussing the positive things that eyes convey; since this one is titled my favourite things. Of course goes without saying, that eyes also convey all the negative emotions in a person’s mind as well.

I love to look at a person’s eyes when they sparkle. And I love to read a person’s face and mind through what their eyes are conveying. Biologically, this is such an interesting thing. I mean anatomically eyes are the same in every emotion. Unlike body language, there is no structural change to eyes when there is a difference in emotion. It’s not as if the pupils look any deflected or differently located when the person is happy or sad!! 😀 Yet, even subtle changes in moods are reflected through some change in your eyes. It’s just so fascinating and beautiful; almost miraculous!

I think the reason that eyes appeal to me as such an expressive medium is because of their pure honesty. A person may be able to hide his/her thoughts or emotions through changes in words; but cannot do so when it comes to eyes. And I must confess, this is also one of the principal reasons why I end up making first impressions about people through what their eyes convey 🙂 AND as an extension of this, I end up making impressions about artists based on how they depict the subject’s emotion in eyes.

To understand the real honest innermost response of any person to a given situation, it is the easiest to just observe their eyes. Happiness, dislike, anger, fury,admiration, secrecy, lies – all will shout out to you. And this observation and interpretation forms one of the most enjoyable one for me!

Well Shakira may say hips don’t lie. But I guess even in the seldom times that hips may lie, a person’s eyes won’t 😛


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