My favourite things – Day 3: Shopping for stationery!


So back to the writing challenge after an intense weekend! How are you guys doing? Hope your own recollection of your favourite things is keeping you happy and enthusiastic enough to enter into this new week 🙂

So the next thing on my list of favourites is shopping for stationery! Anyone who knows me even a bit knows this aspect of my life; and so, must have definitely seen this coming 😛 Today I am going to talk about a kind of shopping that totally makes me go crazy and out of control – shopping for new stationery!!

stationery shopping

I share a very positive relation with stationery. I am a stationery freak. Stationery hoarder. Stockist. Addict? Yes possibly. Stationerphile – if this word exists 😛

Every time I see a shelf with neatly arranged stationery, it makes my eyes sparkle. The sight of colour-sorted, type-sorted, price-sorted, size-sorted stationery items is one of the most pleasing human-created orderly sights ever! Pens, pencils, markers, erasers, paper clips, files, folders, sticky tapes, notebooks, notepads, staplers, highlighters and on and on and on the list could go. I love to look at each of these items in a stationery shop. And what I love even more is to be able to procure each kind of these items 😛

Colourful stationery items with pastel shades are just so adorable! Add to it faces of kawai characters or elegant prints or cute cartoons and the adorable factor doubles!! I don’t think I can ever get enough of this 🙂 I shop for stationery at almost all potential locations. I definitely visit stationery stores very frequently to stock up on new stuff. But in addition, I also get tempted and buy stuff from local grocery stores, or even small photocopy centers which sell basic stationery.

organized stationery

Organized stationery in stores (

When it comes to stationery, there are two main types of people – those who buy it for pure need, and those who buy it for its need, beauty, elegance, appearance or simply, existence 😀 I am totally the second kind. Need is often not the sole reason for stationery shopping for me.

Typical mind conversations when I am in a stationery store:

Me: ‘That notebook is adorable. Look at the colour of the cover page! It’s size is also perfect to fit in into the drawer at my desk’

My mind: ‘You already have a notebook that is ‘perfect for the size of that desk’

Me: ‘Yes but that notebook is ruled. This one has got blank sheets. So I can write and/or doodle and draw in this’

My mind: ‘You have already bought two doodle books specifically for ‘doodling’.’

Me: ‘But see this one has pages that don’t blot with ANY kind of ink. Those doodle notebooks are suitable for only certain kinds of pens of mine’

Tada!! Reasoning meter rings loud!! Beep beep!! ‘Suitable reason for splurging for stationery found’!! And the notebook finds its way into my shopping bag!!! Hahahahaha

This is just one example of one stationery item. God has very kindly bestowed me with this fantastic quality of managing to find reasons for buying any kind of stationery under the sun!! If there is one thing that I will always want to buy more of in my life, it is stationery and craft material. When I was little, I was always told that this phase of being uncontrollably in love with pens and pencils is a child phase and when I grow up, it will get replaced with clothes or makeup or jewelry or bags or hair accessories. Alas. I am still waiting for any kind of phase replacement. Or maybe I am still waiting to ‘grow up’:D

I attach a lot of personal importance to stationery. And I unknowingly end up judging people on the basis of how they treat their stationery! Well yeah you can go ahead and laugh at this; but it does happen sub consciously! If you ill-treat your pens, chew on your pencils, lose the cap of your pens, don’t bother enough about your books, fold your notepad sheets carelessly, I am going to keep giving you sermons about it.

So do I end up using all the stationery that I stash and hoard? I actually do. For me the joys of stocking up on stationery and also getting to use it are almost comparable. So I essentially don’t behave simply like a hoarder. Also, using my stationery respectfully and ultra carefully is one way of showing my love towards it.

Coming to think of it, I have various stages of my life so far, characterized by memories of specific stationery that I mainly used around that time!! Each of these stationery possessions make me go nostalgic and back in time when I purchased it, or used it extensively.

Not surprising then, that the yellow 0.5 mm pencil that I used when I first wrote in notebooks with at age 6 is still one of my most priced possessions 🙂