Wanderlust : Discovering the unexpected


via Photo Challenge: Wanderlust

A late entry for this weeks challenge. But nevertheless, happy to post.

Wanderlust for me includes a flavor of surprises and unexpected discoveries while exploring new places.

For this weeks photo challenge, I will take you all to one such unexpected forest that my better half and I ended up visiting during our trip to Goa. The state of Goa in India is almost synonymous with a lovely coastline and youthful beaches full of activities. We were travelling from north to south Goa and did not know that the route that we took passed through a dense, beautiful green forest. It was a wonderful surprise to explore dense vegetation of trees and canopies along the road; much in contrast to the otherwise rows of coconut trees seen in the rest of Goa!

Even now, when I tell people about having explored a forest in the otherwise beach-centric Goa, people are so surprised!!