The cape of selflessness


I pass by the road and see someone risk their life to help an elderly cross the road

I see a mother going hungry to save food for her baby

I watch at the bank office – a brother anonymously clearing off his spoilt sibling’s debt

I see the invisible cape

I see the hidden superhero

I see the selflessness


We all know him

Some as a parent, a grandparent, a sibling, a cousin

Or a teacher, a co-worker, a friend

We all have that one person in our life

Who wears the cape of selflessness


It’s the one person we can always count on

Someone you can always run to for help and will never be refused

Who doesn’t expect anything in return from you

Who will simply respect your needs and give you all that he can


This cape is not an easy one to carry

It’s not something that you can pretend to wear

It’s only real purity of heart and intent

That allows it to sit on your shoulders


Those who wear it are oblivious to what the world thinks or does

All they know is to help and give all that they have

To the needy, without any assessment of whether they deserve it or not

Without any judgment on their part


It’s these little beings

Those are nature’s best creations

They are the ones who maintain the earthly balance with their goodness virtues

Making them the real superheroes in our practical world


It’s almost impossible to ever repay them

For all that they do for us

And the ironic part here is

They couldn’t care less about the repay


I wonder what is it that prompts them to be so selfless

To never think twice when they sense need

To never fear their own resultant insufficiencies

To never bear the complex cost-benefit calculations of today’s world


And as you read these lines

I say think of all these superheroes with the selfless cape in your life

All that they have done to make you who you are today

And who have always done so unconditionally


Today as I thank all of them

The selfless superheroes of my life

I cannot help but ask God with overwhelming eyes

God, what did I do to deserve such gems in my life?


There is no quality that I respect more

And neither one that I idolize more

God give me the strength to incorporate at least a fraction of this virtue

I would then have a chance to believe that I at least partly deserve to share the same Earth

That these superhero beings live on.


Salute to the cape of selflessness