Doodling to elevate my spirits!


via Daily Prompt: Elevate

The need to elevate a lowered spirit in life is universal. Across ages, gender, countries, professions, ethnicity – we all face dejection and failures and disappointments and end up losing our positive moods at times. As we go through more of such experiences, we end up making our own formulas for mood elevation when needed. I have several different mood elevation mechanisms – watching a good animation movie, a cup of fresh strong coffee, a walk up the hill and doodle art. I have already written a post about one of these viz; My love for animation movies ( Today I will talk in brief about one more spirit elevation method which is doodling out patterns on a blank piece of paper. A blank sheet of paper is very soothing to look at. It’s clutter and mess free. So if I am feeling negative in my mind, looking at it gives me an ‘erasing’ effect on my lowered moods. Further on, it hands over to me a power to create and put up something on the blank sheet. I love to scribble on such pages with different doodling patterns. My favourite ones are the zentangle patterns which I use to either fill up or create new shapes. Most of the times I do this activity in an almost sub conscious way and allow the art to emerge on it’s own. Putting in concentration and focused energy on the zentangle structures acts like a natural and healthy mood elevator. And then after a while as the patterns emerge, it gives me a very satisfying feeling. It also somehow helps me feel ‘sorted’ and helps me gain a better control over my thoughts. Definitely one of the best spirit elevation activities ever.

Zentangle doodle examples

Some Zentangle pattern doodles drawn by me in the process of spirit elevation